Ossington that way please!

I don’t know about you guys but we enjoy walking around …especially downtown and especially on beautiful days we been having. It’s a perfect light settle breeze and enough sunshine to make you feel warm and toasty (not that sweaty sticky feeling).  A couple of months ago we ventured off to go see my dear friend Natacha’s pop up show. In Ossington.  We have never been to that area of city before so we make sure we explore it.  First we found a great Italian bakery shop, “Francesca“, and cool hipster type restaurant called “Té” asian fusion flare.  Than we hung out a local park because … Ty couldn’t resist! If you know a place let me know a place around the GTA, I would love to go check out.



Great seeing these lovely Natacha & Celeste as always.



Ty is hanging with Natacha at her Nook to Hook Pop Up show.



“Mommy, I’m like the spider Charlotte in the book!”



I knew Tim couldn’t resist either!





Nutella and Portuguese Egg Tart…. uhmm YUM!


Ty and I share the Dark- Spiced Taiwanese Fried Chicken and Egg Waffle


Tim got the Kim Chi and Pork Belly Eggs Benedict



Most Likely…

Remember those “Most likely…” questionnaire games you asked among your friends? well, we played in our own little Kwongsters version. Hit ‘play’ and enjoy!

Click here for the video: Most Likely

Incase… the questions were unclear because of the audio or just because we suck at speaking.

  Here were the questions:

  1. Who most likely to always have a smile on his/her face?

  2.  Who most likely to cheat on a test?

  3. Who has the best kiss in the house?

  4. Who likely go skinny dipping?

  5. Who likely feed homeless?

  6. Who is addicted to video games?

  7. Who is likely to burp in a restaurant?

  8.  Who will likely pick their nose in public?

  9. Who likely annoy someone on purpose?

  10. Who most likely cry over little things?

  11.  Who likely to fart in public?

  12. Who is a strict parent?

  13. Who likely to get fat?

Last card UNO!

Tim and I never really played board games growing up. So, it was pretty interesting to see us really enjoyed playing board games. It started this year or so, we been dabbling into playing board games such as Pup Race, Operation, Bubble, Sorry and Forbidden Desert. BUT there was one board game that we really enjoyed was Scrabble Jr! It was given from our Ty’s friend Abiola, we played it right after school; Ty enjoyed so much that most of the time Ty rather play Scrabble Jr over this own free play time. This game is so awesome because you can also flip over the other side that is more challenging to make- up your own words to earn points. Nevertheless, we continue that particular game for almost 4 months. After playing that game for awhile we were looking for a new game so my Cornell mommy friend Jen she gave us Chutes and Ladder, and Cupcake Race we also love playing these game board as well it was a light and great way to change the pace versus the other game boards we been dabbling into.

For the past almost 4 weeks now we been completely OBSESSED with playing UNO! Have you all heard of it? I mean… we are BEYOND HOOKED. Tim and Ty play it 2x in the morning before going to school, 1 time before we eat our lunch than 2x after lunch, after school 4x and then before dinner 1 time and after dinner 4-6x, later after shower 4x and before going to bed 2x. Can you say we addicted to this game or what? We even try different way to play. We played UNO countdown and we trying playing with 10 cards or 15. To make it more interesting we are placing wager!

Is there a game in your household that you all play together and let me know and maybe we can trade.

A is for Apricot, B is for Bubble and W is for Watercress

We love soup… especially Chinese soup. We love soup so much I make it every 3 days. We drink it in the mornings, sometime at lunch and …of course Chinese tradition is after dinner … especially the weather we been having nothing warms our belly than a delicious and healthy broth of homemade of ‘ Sai Yeung Choi’ in Chinese which means, watercress soup.  I make watercress soup every now and than but this year alone I probably I made it 2x and I couldn’t perfected that taste. There are many variation to make this soup but I keep trying find the that one distinctive taste needless to say I think I did it my 3rd time.. FINALLY.

Tell me what’s your family favorite soup or yours and send me recipe we are always on the look out for new soup to taste !


Watercress helps clearing facial blemishes and improves night vision. As well, pact full of Vitamin A.

Shitty Sundays


We all have a day that we don’t like to look forward to and for us, Kwongsters it’s  SUNDAYS  is not because it’s the last weekend before Monday starts. It’s simply the fact that we do EVERYTHING or like 89% of our errands on Sundays.   Our day starts at 7:40am Like, really any earlier…. I swear I’mma hurt someone!

7:15am to 7:30am – *hit snooze….1x, 2x, 3,x 4x, 5….. fuck we don’t want to wake up*

7:40am – up with much needed loud music playing

8am –  breakfast, breakfast

9am – Ty’s soccer [Tim and I are sitting duck but once while we glance up and show him our support. Yay! Go TY! ]

11am –   At home, Ty shower after soccer.  Check fridge and prepare to plan for the week of grocery etc. Ty eat.

12pm – Tim drops me off to get groceries at our usual TnT supermarket [or sometime at Foody and No Frills]

1pm –  Tim’s take Ty to wushu [Tim at Walmart getting: household items consist of Kleenex, paper towels, eggs, Orange juice, yogurt, milk  and you know that sorta thing ]

2pm – picks up Ty and me

3pm – Eat lunch usually at New City Restaurant [Hong Kong Diner]

4pm – unload our gorceries and unwind [usually been board games or we do our separate downtime. Tim catches up on sports, I been reading, “Dragon Spring Road” and “The 5 Love languages”   or nap .  Then there’s Ty who is  either playing with his Lego, Lego, Lego or going through Pokémon cards collection]

5pm – deciding to staying in or go out to eat … it’s usually we go out. Where? Whatever tickles our taste buds. Viet? Maybe.  Canadian? Feeling it. Thai?  Oooh. Mexican?  Oh ya.  Korean? Oh yum!

6pm – Finally decided.

730pm – home and shower

8pm – Ty’s asleep

8pm to 10pm – Tim and I either we talk [I talk, he listen. ]  and try out the new snacks we bought from today [but we really should go down the basement and workout]

10pm – I finished my emails, texting and prepare for the week to do lists and than I’m asleep

10 to 12pm – Tim in his man cave

So, question to you guys — is there a day of the week you or your family dread the most?


No, don`t you dare Ty!

Looking back on my childhood and now that I’m a parent I don’t even want Ty to even think about these things:

  1. I grew up with 2 younger and sisters. We never ever wore seatbelt! Oh, Hell we didn’t even have a proper seats in my dad’s white sketchy looking work van.

  2. Swinging so fast and high and then jump off… only to feel that awful tingly sensation on my damn feet.

  3. I remember when I was no more than 8 years old, my friends and I would go to a nearby swamp (because it was only 7 blocks away from home) to catch tadpoles and only walking back home when it was time for dinner …or when it gets dark. (I won’t even let Ty to go a few feet away from me, I will freak out)

  4. Rollerblading down a street hill with no helmet or pads – badass or dumbass?

  5. When I was about 11 years old, my cousin, Donna (same age as me), my sister (9 years old) and I would travel on the TTC going practically anywhere between down town Eaton Centre to Dufferin area to Markham.

  6. I remember my sister, Beely getting numerous splinters, cuts and bruises from climbing over fences, walking barefoot on our untamed backyard that was filled with weeds. At one point I had to get stitches on my left upper eye because I thought it was so cool to walk on the other side of the steps, until that one time I tripped and fell on rusty a nail.  All in the name of no adults’ supervision – thanks ma and pa!

mini me and my cousin Donna. I`m older by 3 months by age 10 years old she taught and took me my first ever TTC ride. If that`s not a rad cousin that I don`t know what!
the cute one the right it`s not me. its my sister Beely – don`t let her cute face fool you, she was the one that always got me to climb trees, fences etc. Talk about I don`t have a brother… she takes the cake on that.
Remember I told you about my dad`s sketchy looking van? Here it folks! Now, picture us girls under the age of 9 years old in that van with no seats and seat belts! HORROR!
Ty closes thing to danger.. jumping off futon couch to his bed which only 1ft away. I can live with that.
I swear taking this picture almost give me heart attack. We were all scare on-coming traffic would be coming anytime now. We took a good 4-6 shots for a decent picture.

Start’em young

SHAVING time!!

Recently Ty been super curious about shaving and luckily, we got this cool shaving kit from my dear friend Jenn last year for Ty’s birthday. We had forgotten all about it, but somehow, we found it after cleaning the bathroom. (What a miracle… if I just clean more often) The curiosity is probably due to him witnessing me shaving my armpit… ANDDDDD — Tim shaving his face.

“Mommy, why do you shave your armpit and not your face like daddy?”

“Does it hurt daddy?

 “Is that a knife? You’re slowly cutting the skin or the hair?”

“Wow, that’s like a vacuum cleaner that cleans hair on your body”

Hopefully, he can figure out some of these answers to his own question.  Oh, don’t worry no real blade was uses during this process.